My Husband Has Covid19

Finally, yesterday all the snow finally melted. Meaning, today isn’t as cold like days ago. We had a nice weather today. Ain’t so chilly at all, plus the sign was out! Although, we couldn’t go anywhere today to have fun, however we were trying the best we can to have fun at home. Little things matter!

This is our first quarantine day. I’m telling you it’s very hard! My husband was tested positive for covid19 yesterday. We postponed everything we planned for Christmas. I have two little boys and a dog. This is just crazy ya’ll! I’m feeling the symptoms too (stuffy nose and light fever which comes on and off). I had to do loads of laundry and clean the laundry room today. I was disinfecting the boys bathroom and ours. Also, been keeping the kitchen clean. Monitoring everybody!


For tomorow, I’ll be washing all the beddings (boys’ beddings and ours). The doctor told him yesterday that all of us need to self-quarantine. Just told my husband that he needs to be isolated and not in contact with any of us. I’m telling you right now, it’s very hard! It’s very hard in my part as a mother and wife. I have to take care of the boys. I have to take care of my husband and also myself. And our dog too!

I trying my best to keep calm, because I don’t want the boys to be afraid. I feel nervous and anxious, but I trying my best to not show them. My husband is diabetic. Gosh, you can’t imagine my anxiety level right now. I have been checking my husband now and then to make sure he is okay. He doesn’t look okay. Oh please pray for us!

I prayed that tomorrow my husband will feel better, and my symptoms go away. Most of all, praying that my boys stay healthy all the time. We will get through this! Take care and you guys stay safe!


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