Monday Be Like For This Little Momma

How are you all doing, and how was your Monday? My Monday was pretty much about cleaning closets. I started working on my boys’ wardrobes and pulled out the clothes that they don’t wear and couldn’t wear anymore. Some of them I’m going to send out to the Philippines, and the rest will be donated. It felt so good and light after I finished my 8-year-old’s closet for today. It was a mess! Boys love pulling out clothes and throwing them everywhere if they don’t like them instead of putting them back where they got them. Picking up their clothes is a daily routine for this little momma here.
Aside from cleaning closets, I went to Wal-Mart to get some groceries when the rain stopped pouring at about 4:30 pm. Yeah, we had nasty weather all day long, and today’s weather condition was the total opposite of yesterday. The weather yesterday was so beautiful! I had fun with the kids and the dog outside. They were running around in their sleeveless shirt, and I was in my shorts. Oh, Louisiana weather! To those who are driving in the rain, please be safe and drive carefully!

Can you see my fur-baby? She blended well to those clothes on the bed. LOL!


My little copycat behind me. Hahahaha!
It felt like Summer time yesterday!
Had so much fun running around the backyard.
Princess fur-baby, Daisy. She is getting heavier!