My First Eyeshadow Video Tutorial: Sunrise and Evergreen Smokey Eye Look

Hi guys, and how are you doing? I have been a little busy these past few days, especially today. I have my clients’ photos that I need to finish and be ready by Tuesday. Also, tomorrow is back to school for my kiddos. So, this day is one of those multitasking days. Not just that, I wasn’t feeling since last night until earlier this evening, but I need to get things done. So I must say, I am restless today.
Anyway, I want to share my first eyeshadow tutorial with you guys. I always love makeup stuff but never get the chance to make any tutorial about it because I feel awkward sometimes about sharing my makeup routine to the world. Well, some of my friends were asking me if I could make an easy tutorial on how I do my makeup. So, here it is! I hope you will give this video a thumbs up if ever you will like it. If not, no worries! ♥♥♥ All product details I am using in this tutorial are listed on the screen.