My 8-Year-Old Knows All The 50 States Abbreviations More Than I Do

I want to be honest with you all; I don’t know all of the 50 U.S states abbreviations. Seriously, guys, my 8-year-old son knows all the States’ abbreviations more than I do. He learned all of it just by watching the weather channel many times every single day when he gets the chance to have the TV-controller. He and his big brother are so obsessed with checking weather temperatures not just in our area but also in other states. Sometimes, they are also reviewing other countries weather temperature. We don’t even have to check the next day’s weather prediction, because of the boys telling us “oh, it’s going to be a little warmer tomorrow, and we don’t need to wear a jacket.” Or they would say, it’s going to be partly cloudy all day today or tomorrow with a 30% chance of rain.” They are both very observant, and they are really into it. Perhaps, watching the Weather Channel helps my little one learned all of the 50 states’ abbreviations. Aside from the States abbreviations, he also knows the capital cities and what state each capital city located. I’m shocked! You can ask me about it, and my answer would be, “I don’t know!” Hahaha! I might need to watch the Weather Channel too, lol.

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