It has been fifteen years since the last time I had Atchara. Growing up, my family always had Atchara made by my grandmother. For me, my grandma was and always be the best cook ever! I missed all her cookings. She was always busy preparing food every day when she was still healthy and was able to do all those stuff. If you want something, just name it, and she will cook it. When my siblings and I were kids, we go door to door and sell the food that grandma cooked. It could be Pancit, Siopao, Donut, Shakoy, slices of Chocolate Cake, Atchara, and etc. There’s no day that I don’t miss and crave for my grandma’s cooking.

So, when a close friend of mine told me days ago that Han is selling Atchara, and asked me if I want to order. I quickly replied, YES! I was so excited, and couldn’t wait to get my hand on that jar, open and eat the Atchara salad inside it. Thanks, Ate Melanie, for letting me know about Han’s Atchara. Also, thank you, Han, your Atchara satisfied my cravings. Though, I can’t help but compared it to my grandma’s Atchara. However, you also did a great job!

TO ORDER HAN’S ATCHARA: Feel free to contact her here.


In the Philippines, Atchara is a pickle made from grated unripe papaya. Back in the Philippines, my family used this as a side dish, and it’s so good!


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