The Crazy Popper-Gourmet Popcorn & More

I’m not a big popcorn fan. In fact, the only time I eat popcorn is when Sean and I go out and watch a movie or when we take the kids to play bowling. I don’t really eat popcorn that much, well not until Sean found out about this popcorn store place called The Crazy Popper. He brought home some bags of delicious popcorn in different flavors last week after work. He brought home a creamy dill flavor, a chocolate caramel and nuts flavor and a Tuti Fruiti flavor. Today we stopped in for a few minutes about an hour before they closed for the day and bought 2 more bags with different flavors than before.

They have over 40 flavors of gourmet popcorn to choose from. And to be honest, they’re so good! Besides popcorn, they also offer old fashioned sodas and nostalgia candy. They accept phone orders and can ship nationwide. Guys, you need to check this place out and try their popcorn if you haven’t tried yet. You’re going to love it as much as I do!





Rocket Dog European Store

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