Hobby Lobby Deals Alert

I’ve been really busy since this morning. Today was the first day of school. Thankfully my boys didn’t have any hard time waking up early this morning because to them it doesn’t matter if it’s either school days or non-school days they’re always awake around six in the morning. Even during their whole Summer vacation it still seemed like school days for me because of their early rise routine. Unbelievable? But yes it’s the truth.

When I got back home after dropping my kids off at their school this morning I rested for a while and had a cup of coffee. Then I prepared lunch for my kids. By 11 in the morning, I drove back to their school and drop their lunch at the front desk. I felt like a busy bee flying around. Hahaha

I drove back home again and multitasked for a while. I was doing laundry, eating lunch and having plenty of thoughts racing through my mind. After having my lunch, I decided to edit some photos on my computer while waiting for the laundry to get done. When all of a sudden an idea came to my head…..DING! I’m guessing you know what’s the idea on my head already.

I went to my favorite store, HOBBY LOBBY. I was thinking, there are so many merchandises on 50% off, what should I purchase? Haha. Yay, these are my favorite kind of deals. I took a few photos to share with you guys. Hobby Lobby not only has a 50% off deal but also a 40% off deal. And if you like buying Christmas decor early they have them out now.

Shop the best fall arrivals at NORDSTROM.

Exclusive beauty value sets under $50, now at NORDSTROM.

Don’t wait long. Visit Hobby Lobby while they still have those deals. Enjoy and have fun!

For fall fashion, an open mind is the best look at NORDSTROM.

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