My U.S. Naturalization Oath Taking Ceremony

Last Friday was my U.S. Naturalization Oath Taking ceremony in New Orleans. It’s a five (5) hours drive from my town. We left Thursday after I picked up my boys at school. We arrived in New Orleans a little after 9 p.m. Checked in late at the hotel we stayed in for the night. The hotel we stayed at is called Brent House Hotel. This hotel is attached to Ochsner Medical Center located on Jefferson Highway near Uptown New Orleans. From the hotel, it was only a 15-minute drive to where my Oath Taking ceremony took place.

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Shower Necessities


We arrived at the USCIS facility before nine (9) in the morning. The ceremony started a little after ten (10) and was over at about twelve (12) noon. I wasn’t sure how the other applicants felt that day but I was a little emotional. After I applied, I waited eleven (11) months for this very special day. After living in the USA for a decade, who wouldn’t get emotional?


Now it’s time to celebrate! My boys are so ready to explore around New Orleans. They are loving this busy city so far.





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