Finally, I Found The Most Comfortable Running Shoes

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Finding the right pair of running shoes has been a struggle for me for a long time. I would say most of the walking or running shoes that I have not only hurt my feet but also give me blisters. I couldn’t even wear any of those shoes for a long time without having pain on my legs. Until one day, I went to the Shoe Department Encore store at the mall to pick up my eldest son’s shoes that I put on layaway. While I was at the store, my gut really told me to go check out their Clearance Room for good deals (when your gut is telling you something you gotta trust it ). I get disappointed most of the time because whenever I find very comfortable shoes it’s either the size runs big or they don’t have my size. I wear a size 5 and that’s size 3 in girls. Hahahaha it’s a cute size!

So I checked the store’s Clearance Room and saw this pair of Skechers Elite Flex. The first thought on my head was “please I need a size five (5). When I picked the right foot and checked the size, I was like YEAH BABY YOU’RE MINE! Also, guess what? It was on sale for under twenty dollars ($20.00). So delighted I went to the store that day because these shoes are the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn.


I can literally wear this pair all day long without pain in my legs and feet. The memory foam inside feels so good. Yes, this pair has memory foam inside. I Tested it for a week by wearing the pair every day and yes it passed my expectation. I highly recommend these shoes.


The only thing I don’t like is the soles. They collect dirt and rocks and when you clean it, you have to dig it out.

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