Find Time For Yourself

Have you ever feel like you have no time for yourself? While other people think that you have all the time for yourself. People around you see everything you allowed them to see and judge you based on it, but how about those things that you don’t want anybody to see. How about your time? Do you really have time for yourself? I’m not talking about the time you spend shopping; spending with friends; watching movies; or even eating out. I’m talking about the TIME you need to meditate and spend it with God. The TIME that you need to figure things out in your life and do what you really love to do. Have you ever find time for yourself?

Not long ago, I’ve been asking myself the same question. Do I find time for myself? The answer is NO! People who know me swimmingly think I have all the time for myself for one reason they could think of. I’m not working. Yes, I am unwaged right now, but that doesn’t mean I have all the time for myself. I am an honest person and I will tell you that I am struggling in that area.

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Time after time, we ignored ourselves because we have other priorities. Those are just excuses! I admit I’m that person too. There are things that I really want to do for myself but I don’t have the time for it, because like what I said I have other priorities and I don’t think about myself until now. You too, if you find yourself in the same situation, probably, that should change. Don’t be afraid to find that TIME for YOURSELF and GIVE yourself the time you need.

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