Night at The Remington Suite Hotel In Shreveport, La

A few days ago I celebrated my birthday ( I’m getting younger, hahaha ). This time I didn’t cook anything or having my friends come over the house. Instead, Sean and I attended an event called Tech To Market. Every speaker talked about how to turn your ideas into businesses. Guess who was the most awaited speaker of the night? It was Stephen Key! He is an award-winning inventor and entrepreneur who has licensed more than 20 products. It was a great night. After the event, we played checkers and had a little drink. I had orange juice by the way just so you know. And oh, I won more games than Sean did, hahaha!! After that, we decided to order something (well, it’s food). By 11 p.m we just crashed out to sleep since we couldn’t go anywhere because our ride was in the neighboring parking garage and it was already closed. Anyway, we had a great time.

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About This Hotel

If you’re a fitness junkie just so you know that this hotel includes a fully equipped fitness center. An in-house esthetician and massage therapist. Not just that, this hotel also has an indoor heated saltwater pool and many other amenities. You can also take advantage of enjoying their soft signature bathrobes while you relax in one of their all-suite rooms. Talking about the bathrobes, oh my goodness, it’s the most comfortable bathrobe I have ever worn so far. I went to bed in it and honestly, I didn’t need the comforter or sheets. I’m 4 foot and 11 inches tall so the robe was actually perfect for me. I was fully wrapped from my shoulders down to my tiptoes, hahaha. Funny, right? But, anyway I loved their robe!

Here’s a little tour below.

Living Room
Breakfast Area - shop now!

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