Rose Gold: My New Color Obsession

Do you have a color obsession? What color is it? Lately, I have been wanting the “rose gold” color. It’s not like I want it for everything though. I’m obsessed with this color when it comes to active wear.

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I’m gonna start with this headset. I love going to the gym and work out with a wireless Bluetooth headset. Listening to some of my favorite music helps me keep going and more focus on my workout without being distracted with what’s going on around me.


Wearing the right shoes is a must especially when working out. I had that problem last time. I was wearing the wrong shoes and my ankle was hurting like crazy. It was on fire! I didn’t wear a “mesh material” shoes, it was a little hard and not flexible. Two things I love about the mesh material is that it allows my feet to breathe while working out and it’s comfortable. It is also lightweight and flexible. The only downside of the “mesh material” is it stretched and it’s not the toughest material, so don’t expect a mesh shoe to last longer than you think because this material doesn’t have that longevity.

Women's Nike Sportswear


Legging is my weakness. I wear legging more often year round than wearing jeans. It’s just comfortable! I love wearing the shorter length legging. I’m only 4 foot and 11 inches tall. Hehehehe cute height I would say.

Rose Gold Legging

Sports Bra

To be honest, wearing a sports bra is much more comfortable than wearing a regular bra. For two years now, I wear sports bra often than a regular bra. I would say that a sports bra is a very comfortable everyday bra compared to a regular bra. I don’t know if you feel the same way, but for me it is. Regular bras give me shoulder tension, it doesn’t give me the comfort I need. However, every women is different.

Racerback Wide Strap Sports Bra.


I don’t know if you do the same, but whenever I go to the gym, I bring my own cold water.

Insulated water bottle

Okay, and that’s my latest color obsession. What’s your color obsession?

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