Crochet: DIY Round Flat Circle

When I was a young girl I always saw my mom making crochet projects. It was either a shirt or table runner or anything for the windows. I really love admiring her finished projects. Every time my mom had her hook and yarn in her hands, she made crocheting look so easy and effortless. Oh, how my mom loves to crochet and to sew! Nevertheless, growing up, I could say that I didn’t have the passion for it nor in my wildest dream did I think that one day I would sew or crochet. Many times I told myself, I don’t have that talent that my mom has.

Guess what? I’m in my 30’s now and all of a sudden I want to sew something. And yes, I did just that! I thought I wanted to sew just one thing, but then this feeling of wanting to learn how to sew more has grown every day. Out of nowhere, my mind tells me that I want to crochet something for the dining and living room tables. Trust me, I’m still shocked! It’s like I just woke up and realized that this desire runs in the family. You know?

One time I was sitting on the couch when I came to a realization. I realized that my mom was in her early 30’s also when I witnessed her passion for sewing and crocheting. At first, my reaction was “uh-uh I think I shouldn’t have said that I won’t be able to do that.” Literally, it just hit me! I noticed that since I reached in my 30’s, I’m slowly getting passionate about the things that my mom really loved. I’m not sure if you have experienced that too? If you have, I would love to know!

Until next time and have a good night to all!

Round Double Crochet
Using Honolulu Pink yarn
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Adding new round.
It’s getting there.
This is the first crochet video I watched to get an idea.
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