Dining At Burger King + Review

There are plenty of fast food chains in our area, and they are pretty much walking distance. One of them is Burger King. Burger King is one of my family’s go to fast food chain. My boys love to dine there. It’s like every word that comes out from their mouth is chicken strips and cheeseburger. I can’t quite understand why kids these days love fast foods. As a mom of two boys who are so picky when it comes to food, sometimes I’m so grateful that this place is so close to my place. My eldest son loves chicken strips and my youngest one loves cheeseburgers.

I don’t know how other Burger King branch cook their chicken strips, but sometimes I get disappointed the one located at cypress street. Most of the time the chicken strips are not even golden brown looking. It’s way more than golden brown ( over fried ). You know how that feels like when you’re eating it, almost feels like a rubber. Luckily, last Sunday when we were there, the chicken strips look way better. It wasn’t over fried at all. I was happy to see that.

Another thing is, this branch probably should have more than three people every shift. The staffs were very nice and friendly, but the fact that the line was getting longer and customers who ordered were still waiting for the food didn’t really look good. Really don’t wanna see customers get disappointed.
I really hope to see more of their staffs next time. Three people are not enough!

At Burger King
Waiting For His Chicken Strips
Cuteness Overload
He thinks he can have two drinks.
Burger King cheeseburger
Devouring his Burger King cheeseburger.
Our Burger King meal.
Can’t wait to eat, we are hungry.
We all love fries.

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