The Sounds Of Nature: My Sleeping Aid

Growing up from a small village in the Philippines; having few neighbors living just walking distance from our house was one of the best memories I have. Waking up every morning and hearing the beautiful sounds of the birds chirping; the roosters saying cockadoodledoo and my mother’s pigs oinking. Right across the road is the ocean. The sound of waves smashing the shore is very calming. You might think “gosh, that’s too much noise!” To be honest, I missed those noises. Those kinds of noises are big parts of my life growing up. And also, before I forget, my dad had goats too!

But today, living in a city (not a very big city ), all I can hear from the moment I wake up in the morning till’ midnight are vehicle noises. Not so calming, especially at night and all I want is to have a good night sleep. Plenty of times that I did wish to be living in the countryside, but I’m not. There must be a reason why not. Only God knows.

Sometimes, when it’s raining, I can sleep better compared to when it’s not. For me, the sound of the rain is so soothing. The raindrops help me fall asleep easier. I would say that my ultimate sleep aid is the sound of the rain.

A Wet & Windy Morning

Growing up hearing the different nature sounds like the running water from the stream behind our house, birds chirping, chickens clocking, and the roosters saying cockadoodledoo was very calming. So, my question is why nature sounds help us relax? Do you notice that when you are listening to the natural sounds ( nature sounds ) that your body switches to relax mode? That’s all I need after dealing with my boys; their school homework and other stuff. Every parent deserves a relaxing moment.

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